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Its our constant endeavor to provide efficient Engineering services to our small and medium sector clients from Europe & China to initiate & expand their business in India & neighboring countries. We put all our honest efforts to provide efficient technical supports to the Indian & Chinese clients, on behalf of these companies that we represent or serve. Our services include technical support for operational clarification, up-gradation, modification, commissioning and trouble shooting along with representation.


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Synopsis of Services


Project Engineering Services Products from Our Foreign Associates Technical Translation Services
Project Marketing, Engineering & Management;
PLC Programming
SCADA / HMI Programming;
Project Execution
Quality Control
Post Commissioning Liaison & Supports &
Representation in India & neighbouring countries
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Chongqing Iceman Energy Storage & Ice Making Technology Co. Ltd., China


Design and manufacturing of various types of Chilled water plants, along with Ice making, storage & delivery systems , incorporating advanced Japanese technology, mainly for addition of ice for cooling concrete mix in large dams, nuclear power stations and special civil projects, along with process application in Chemical Industry, Food Industry, Supermarkets, large cooling installations and others.


With our Chinese associates in Chongqing, we offer professional technical translation services from Chinese to English & vice versa and others, for Project related techno-commercial documents, websites, exhibitions and others. 
Please contact us for further details.
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We are authorised Indian counterpart of Chongqing Iceman to serve the prospective clients and provide after sales services in Indian sub-continent.
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Cinser / CIMISA / Indeco , Spain


Slitting lines, cut-to-length lines, Tension leveler and other metal strip and coil processing machineries designer and manufacturer


Experienced Spanish manufacturer of Slitting lines, CTL, Tension levelling lines, composite CTL, profiler and other related equipments and machineries.
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COVIL Ingenierie , France
Automation Design & Programming
specially for Furnaces and heating equipments
Specialists in Electrical Control design, PLC Programming and SCADA / HMI Programming & commissioning services.
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We also have long association with Ermat, France and have served them in multiple Furnace related Projects in India and China.


Company History

We Serve   


We are providing our services to various Indian and European companies since 2004. Within these few years of operation, because of our growing base of satisfied repeat customers, we have been able to expand our services to various Engineering sectors, including Civil, Electrical, Mechanical, Instrumentation and Automation Engineering including PLC & SCADA softwares development services.

We provide representation services for foreign Engineering companies, mainly from EU & China, to initiate and expand their business in India and neighbouring countries.

We also provide technical translation services from Chinese to English and vice-versa mainly for process manuals, technical documentation, offers, business proposals and other Project related documents.

Our company and its team members have the experience of serving in various prestigious Indian and overseas Projects mainly to provide detailing, programming, fabrication, erection, inspection & commissioning services.
Some of the prestigious Projects served by us :


Nanshan Aluminium, Longkou, Shandong, China.


We have provided Project commissioning and support services in 2015-16 for 2 nos 14M Aluminium Aging Furnaces, 1 no. 27m Aluminium Aging Furnace and 2 charging systems of European Furnace Repion, Lyon, France, at the site of Nanshan Aluminium Co., Longkou, Shandong, China. The services were provided through COVIL, France. The services mainly included erection of mechanical & electrical checking & commissioning, PLC & SCADA modifications and especially Temperature Uniformity Surveys ( TUS ). We have also provided auxilliary support services at the same site for the commissioning of 27M Aluminium Annealing Furnace and Homogenising Furnaces of EFR, France.

Mersen Chongqing Co. Limited, Chongqing , China. 

(formerly Carbone Lorraine Chongqing)

Projects for Specialised Graphite Baking Furnaces 1-6 with Furnaces and auxiliaries supplied by Ermat and commissioning supports provided through COVIL Ingenierie.
All the burners of those furnaces have been modified from single fuel of Natural Gas to triple option fuels of Natural Gas or Fuel Oil ( Diesel ) for main burners and Natural Gas or LPG for Pilot Burners have also been executed. This Project automation has been done using S7-400 PLC and Wonderware Intouch SCADA / HMI Programming.
For this Project, we have provided on-site supports of more than 6 years between 2007-2014, including services provided in France and in this esteemed Project in China, along with execution of several man-months of off-site jobs related to these Projects.  We have also done S7-300 PLC and WinCC SCADA programming with Electrical control circuit design related to Scrubber  Absorber Tower 2 and Demister. Our services also included production optimisation and process control modifications in program, along with training on operation & maintenance for Chinese technicians.


Stein Heurtey / Fives Stein, France.
Intouch (SCADA Level 2) jobs for Benxi I & II Projects, China. The job was done thru' COVIL.

PCS7 Automation Program modification and commissioning of 2 nos 250 MT/H Walking Beam type Re-heating furnaces of Essar Steel at Hazira, Gujrat - in Western India. 


Air Liquide Electronics Systems, France.
Modification & Detailing of Electrical Control System AutoCAD drawings for IBM Fishkill Project, USA.
Modification & Detailing of Electrical Control System AutoCAD drawings for ALA- Texas Instruments Project, USA and others.
These projects were executed with COVIL under their supervision.



Actemium, France.
IFix (SCADA Level 2) related jobs for Air Liquide, France.
Various AutoCAD related standardisation and detailing jobs for multiple clients in USA & EU. COVIL and SPEC jointly executed this Project.



Aeroform, France.
Jobs related to Automation System of Special Utility Autoclave Furnaces, operated with Eurotherm PLC and SCADA systems for A.I.A. Clermont Ferrand, France. Similar jpbs for BRETAGNE, EADS, INEO, MS Composittes & MICHELIN have also been executed by us. COVIL was the technology provider for the control systems in these Projects.


SAIL - IISCO Steel Plant, India.
Project Management including Drive erection, mill-wright alignment, Hammer Mill erection, precision and heavy coupling fitting and alignment, belting and commissioning of Coal and Coke Conveyors for Coke Oven Battery 10. This Project was done for STS at SAIL-ISP, Burnpur, near Asansol, West Bengal, in Eastern India. We were also engaged for the RCC and PCC related civil jobs for the Gas Cleaning Plant ( GCP ) of the existing Blast Furnace modernisation Project.






Some of the prestigious Projects served by the company founder, prior to the company formation :



Ordnance Factory, Nagpur, India.
Aluminium Special Alloy Melting-Holding Tilting type Furnaces Project with Furnaces supplied by Ermat France, part fabrication and complete erection by Kurchi Projects , refractory supplies from RHI, along with special auxilliary supplies from Pechiney Aluminium Engineering, France and STAS, Canada. This Project was at Ambajhari, near Nagpur, Maharashtra, in Central India.


Videocon Narmada Glass, Bharuch, India
2nd color picture tube press and accessories Project involving equipments of Techneglas, Corning and Lynch. This job required very high precision rotary equipment erection.


Mazagaon Dock Limited, Mumbai, India
Repairing, erection & re-alignment of a 60T/5T L/L crane of 650MT self weight after it encountered an accident. This was a Project of Stewarts & Lloyds of India Ltd, done for Tata Mann and executed by Kurchi Projects (P) Ltd. of Kolkata. This was a technically challenging Project executed with excellence.


Tata Ryerson Limited, Jamshedpur, India
Modification and upgradation of Slitting line under the inspection of the overseas experts of Ryerson, USA, prior to hand over of the Slitting line from TRF Limited to Tata Ryerson at Bara, Jamshedpur, Jharkhand in India .


INDAL ( HINDALCO ) , Belur, WB, India
Installation of high precission and automated Aluminium Strip Coiled Slitting Line of MECESA ( CIMISA ) , Spain at Belur, Howrah, West Bengal in Eastern India.


NICCO Corp. Limited, Shyamnagar, India.
Projects for upgradation and modification of Closer Machine for steel rope manufacturing and 72-Bobbin Armouring-cum-laying machine for cable manufacturing.


INDAL ( HINDALCO ) , Hirakud, Orissa, India
Installation of Pechiney Caster and Alpur with Ermat Furnaces and auxiliary systems for making Aluminium coils.


Indian Oil Refinery Project, Panipat, India.
Involving fabrication and erection of above ground and under ground pipes of 1/4" to 60" dia of CS, SS and Alloy Steel. The job also included very heavy static and high precision rotary equipment erection, including erection of "Bullets" of up to 130MT and installation of Pump & Compressor house equipments & on-equipment piping. This Project was executed at Panipat, near Karnal, Haryana in Northern India


The company founder also have the techno-commercial experience of serving in many other Projects including Projects at NALCO Damanjodi, IOCL Haldia Petroleum Refinery shutdown Project, INDAL / HINDALCO Lohardaga Kaolin Pilot Plant Project and many more.



We are proud to represent some esteemed European & Chinese Engineering companies in Indian sub-continent.


Chongqing Iceman Co.Ltd, Chongqing, China
Chongqing Iceman Energy Storage and Ice Making Co. Ltd., specialises on Ice making, Ice storage, delivery and handling systems along with Chilling water plants.


The major use of the ice systems are in large civil construction sites of Dams, Nuclear Power station and special projects where Concrete mix is pre-cooled by replacing water with flake ice [ up to 70% water can be replaced by ice as per Bureau of Indian standard guidelines for cooling of concrete mix  IS: 14591 (1999) ].


Another major use of these ice systems are in Chemical plants and others where the process requires extensive cooling. The Ice making, storage and delivery system of Chongqing Iceman can be programmed to make ice mostly when electricity is cheaper and this ice can be used through out the day, as and when required.


Chongqing Iceman is serving numerous Food processing factories involved in processing prawns, Chicken and many other food products with high industry standards in Government, Public and Private sectors of China and abroad. Small Icemakers and storage units of Iceman are ideally suited for Supermarkets, Restaurants, large and small cold-storage units and a wide range of industries.


With a strong in-house Engineering design, fabrication, manufacturing & execution team in China  and special service office & team in India to readily serve its Indian customers,  Chongqing Iceman is ideally suited to serve Indian customers. Please contact us for further details.







Cinser / CIMISA / Indeco , Spain
CIMISA ( formerly Mecesa ), and reputed Spanish supplier Indeco has formed CINSER, Spain, to serve their customers better for Metal Coil / Strip processing requirements. CINSER is a supplier of sophisticated, automated, high precision, heavy duty Slitting Lines, Cut-to-length lines, Tension leveller, composite Tension leveling and CTL, Profiler and various other metal strip processing lines, specially for Steel, Stainless Steel and Aluminium industries. CINSER, with its experienced design team and sophisticated manufacturing facility provide custom solutions to the needs of the clients all over the world.  CIMISA / CINSER has already served in multiple Projects in India and actively pursuing to expand its business in India.



We are the Indian representative of CIMISA including their group company Cinser / Indeco, for various Techno-commercial matters related to Project Tendering and Execution services in India. 






We have also represented Dalian Dituo Heavy Industry Co. Ltd., China, for their business matters India.



We have long and continuous association in Project execution with the following European companies since 2004.


Ermat, France
Specialised in design and manufacturing of various types of Furnaces - including Aluminium Melting-Holding Furnaces and specialised Graphite Baking Furnaces.


We have successfully served Ermat in India and China for co-ordination during tendering, inspection of supplies and manufacturing, supervision of execution along with programing & commissioning related services. We are proud to have provided various services to multiple Ermat Projects in India and China.


Covil Ingenierie, France
Specialist in Automation system design, programming and commissioning services for a wide range of systems.

We have provided varied services to COVIL for multiple Projects in Europe, Asia & Africa.




Our Associates in China.

CES-YES, China

From 01 Jan 2009 we are having an associate company in Chongqing, China - Chen Niao Engineering Services .
With our Chinese associates, we are having our representatives in Chongqing and Wuhan to provide our Chinese clients all supports and services for expanding their business in India and its neighboring countries and also to provide required translation services.







We are also providing Engineering services to various Indian companies for Tendering, detailed Engineering, Erection supervision and inspection, Automation Programming and Commissioning related activities for their ongoing and upcoming Projects in various parts of India with emphasis on their Projects in Burnpur Indian Iron & Steel Company ( IISCO ), Durgapur Steel Plant ( DSP ), Durgapur Projects Limited ( DPL ) in the state of West Bengal, India. These are related to Iron & Steel and Coal related processes.


Our aim is to answer YES to your Engineering requirements and provide you with Cost Effective Solutions. Your smile will make us smile.

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