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Its our constant endeavor to provide efficient Engineering services to our small and medium sector clients from Europe & China to initiate & expand their business in India & neighboring countries. We put all our honest efforts to provide efficient technical supports to the Indian & Chinese clients, on behalf of these companies that we represent or serve. Our services include technical support for operational clarification, up-gradation, modification, commissioning and trouble shooting along with representation.


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Synopsis of Services


Project Engineering Services Products from Our Foreign Associates Technical Translation Services
Project Marketting, Engineering & Management;
PLC Programming
SCADA / HMI Programming;
Project Execution
Quality Control
Post Commissioning Liaison & Suppots &
Representation in India & neighbouring countries - especially China, Nepal, Bhutan and Bangladesh.

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Chongqing Iceman Energy Storage & Ice Making Technology Co. Ltd., China


Design and manufacturing of various types of Chilled water plants, along with Ice making, storage & delivery systems , incorporating advanced Japanese technology, mainly for addition of ice for cooling concrete mix in large dams, nuclear power stations and special civil projects, along with process application in Chemical Industry, Food Industry, Supermarkets, large cooling installations and others.


With our Chinese associates in Chongqing, we offer professional technical translation services from Chinese to English / Bengali & vice versa and others, for Project related techno-commercial documents, websites, exhibitions and others. 
Please contact us for further details.

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We are exclusive authorised Indian counterpart of Chongqing Iceman to serve the prospective clients and provide after sales services in Indian sub-continent.
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Cinser / CIMISA / Indeco , Spain


Slitting lines, cut-to-length lines, Tension leveler and other metal strip and coil processing machineries designer and manufacturer


Experienced Spanish manufacturer of Slitting lines, CTL, Tension levelling lines, composite CTL, profiler and other related equipments and machineries.
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COVIL Ingenierie , France
Automation Design & Programming
specially for Furnaces and heating equipments
Specialists in Electrical Control design, PLC Programming and SCADA / HMI Programming & commissioning services.
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We also have long association with Ermat, France and have served them in multiple Furnace related Projects in India and China

and have served Dalian Dituo Heavy Industry Co. Ltd for their business in India.


Details of our Services

Pre-order Supports

Post -Order Supports


Locating clients, enquiries and tenders in India & China for your products.

Arranging to provide you Indian enquiries and tenders suitable for you.

Providing translation of tender documents from English to Chinese, if required, as detailed in Post-order support.

Providing you local information required to prepare your offer for those enquiries.

Providing Engineering / technical information regarding design standards and material specifications and availabilities.

Engineering detailing services, as and if required, during the tendering process.

Assisting you to locate proper local companies to execute part of your jobs in India / China , if required, in case of an order.

Evaluating the documents and facilities of any such partner / contractor companies in India to asses their viability and abilities.

Giving you suggestions about the preferred range of price and offer conditions along with ideas on the tendering and ordering process in India & China , both for the clients and contractors.

Liaison with the Indian clients to provide required clarification on your offer and also to highlight the positive features.

Assisting you during the negotiation meetings with your clients and contractors in India for such tenders or Project enquiries.

Providing supports for arrangement of your logistics in India along with assistance for arrangement of required human resources.





Please feel free to contact us for your exact requirements and we shall be able to present you our multiple solutions including our no-risk Cost Effective Solutions tailored for you. We also have our Associate company in China, with representatives in Chongqing & Wuhan, to provide assistance to local companies intending to expand their export business in India.



Providing detailed information of Project parameters, site conditions, technical data of site required for design / modification and others.


Engineering detailing of Civil, Mechanical and Electrical drawings, if required.


Detailed information on the equivalent Indian / Chinese materials / equipment , conforming to the specification of the client, to be used in your design.


Design / Modification of PLC and SCADA programming using various applications like S7-400, PCS7, WinCC, Intouch, IFix & others.


Inspection of quality and schedule of execution of your local contractors for the local part of the job. Supervision of all fabrication, supply, erection and installation activities at site.


Assistance in configuration & settings of Instrumentation items.


Assistance in start-ups and commissioning.


Preparation of as-built drawings and documents.


We also provide Project techncial translation support from Chinese to English and Bengali, as detailed hereunder.


Assistance in training of clients personnel for regular operations and maintenance.


Liaison with clients on techno-commercial issues.


Post-commissioning Supports


24x7 Tele-supports for clients during the warranty period for clarification & details.

Off-site assistance for solving operational / maintenance problems.


On-site assistance for critical problems.


Assistance to your personnel for on site post-commissioning activities.


After sales service supports and assistance to clients regarding procurement of additional spare components from your company.


Providing supports and information to clients for possible modification / up-gradation of the equipment.


Liaison with clients for generating future businesses.

We shall also put our best effort to provide other Post-commissioning assistances as required by our clients in case to case basis.






Technical Translation


With our associates in Chongqing, we provide professional technical translation services for tenders, business proposals, tender offers, enquiries, orders, project execution and techno-commercial documentation, manuals, brochures and other documents along with website content writting  from Chinese to English / Bengali ( Bangla ), and Bengali / English to Chinese. We also provide translation and presentation services for technical exhibition and related activities.

Please contact us for further details and rates.


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Following script is in Bengali and may not be visible unless proper Bengali font is installed.  


আমরা চিনা ভাষা থেকে বাংলায় ও ইংরাজীতে এবং ইংরাজী ও বাংলা হতে চিনা ভাষায় অনুবাদ করতে পারদর্শী। আমরা মূলত প্রযুক্তিগত অনুবাদে বিশারদ। আমাদের সহযোগী কোম্পানি  চিনের  চংচিং ( চংছিং ) ও উহান ( ঊহান )শহরে অবস্থিত এবং আমরা ভারতের কোলকাতা ( কলকাতা / কলিকাতা ) শহরে অবস্থিত। আমরা চিন ও ভারত থেকে যুক্ত ভাবে এই অনুবাদ করি। সবিস্তারে জানার জন্য অনুগ্রহ করে আমাদের সাথে যোগাযোগ করূন।


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Following script is in Chinese and may not be visible unless proper Chinese font is installed.   






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